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Multifunctional Design Furniture

Designing the space we live in is a crucial part of our lives. That is why we choose to surround ourselves with things that fit our lifestyle, but – above all – are useful in our daily activity.
Features Features

Top Quality Wood

Hand-picked oak, alder, ash or birch timber of the highest quality provides top-friendliness in dealing with natural material.

Solid Steel Base

Trapezoid base composed of interconnected steel elements ensures stability and high resistance to mechanical factors.

Handcraft Quality

Only handcrafted furniture has a soul, is created with passion and bears the evidence of originality. We took care of it in every detail.

Preserved Beauty

Both wood and steel base are coated with environmentally-friendly measures. We combined steel with ecological paints, whereas wood, dependent on the model, with approved oil or varnish.

Nord Døtre Collection

Nord Døtre explore the minimalist and multifunctional form, created with passion.

This versatility appears throughout all models of the first Nord Døtre collection by Formann Loyt. Their designers have pursued every effort to bring everyone a piece matching their personality so that they could enjoy their universal and graceful forms.



A warm soul and a princess among our collection. She feels best in crowded and heavily lit rooms. Her colors attract attention and she often makes you get in line for her. Both the colors and the solid seat magnetize – ideally, she finds herself surrounded by cheerful and open-minded folk.

Alder. The upper part is made of noble alder tree, which in Celtic and Scandinavian mythology is a symbol of resurrection. Alder protects secrets as well as the places where it grows. It has the ability to flourish not only in the forests and swamps, but also to adapt to tough conditions.



Nocca has a complex personality – on the one hand, she tempts with her innocent blue, on the other hand, her upper part shows how complex this Scandinavian, toned soul is. She does not want to be number one, she knows she is desired.

Oak. This oak was selected for the final finish of the top. It belongs to the strongest, oldest and most important tree species in the world. It has over 600 varieties and some of them reach the age of 1,000 years. Among the many legends associated with the oak, in Norse mythology the oak tree was dedicated to Thor – the god of storm and lightning.



Perfect proportions and a noble base. Knowledgeable and cultivated, feels at home in elegant locations, but liked by all. Graceful, requires treating her with respect. Her seat is a symbol of complexity, and with her eloquence she does not reveal herself immediately. It takes time to discover all the advantages of Steyna, but then you two will make a perfect bond.

Ash. In the legends of many ancient peoples ash is depicted as God or his messenger endowed with magical powers. This sacred Scandinavian tree – the Yggdrasil was the tree of Odin in Norse mythology.



Devorma loves to soothe the nerves and bring change and freshness to the environment. She wants to accompany you at all times, good and bad, and bring stability. She is wherever lively, wherever she can meet open-minded people. Her personality and interesting combination of colors are able to fit anywhere, as the color of green brings harmony. Adored from museums to cafes. It is her who is often the companion of a relaxed conversation.

Birch was an attribute of the Norse goddess of marriage, the family patron and the rain god – Frigg, wife of Odin. Birch was also the amulet protecting against witchcraft – that is why cradles were made of this particular wood.



Rastel has her mysterious ways. She likes darkened space, both elegant and those less polished, where she can perfectly complement the decor. Not out of line, never the main actor, but you can always count on her. Participated in elegant parties, but she can also be easily found at the bar, cafe or in the waiting room at the hairdresser's or barber's.

Ash. In the legends of many ancient peoples ash is depicted as God or his messenger endowed with magical powers. This sacred Scandinavian tree the Yggdrasil was the tree of Odin in Norse mythology. Among northern peoples it also plays the role of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.


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with tons of passion


At home – a perfect coffee table in the morning, a bedside table at dusk – for your night lamp, alarm clock or a glass of water. Children can invite it into their rooms to play with jigsaw puzzle or blocks on top.

Anna Rasmussen


In the office – ideally suited for stable positioning of the laptop and projector for presentations, or as a seat at the creation of your next project. In the chill-out zone – try it as a coffee table, for a book or as a footrest.

Andrew Thompson


Very good contact and acknowledge of interior designers of Formann Loyt helped my friends to fulfill the art space and coffee shop with Nord Døtre collection. Less is more!

Marcus Seemann

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